preboot to juice up

First blog and first time juicing!

My health has slowly been declining since 2008 when I sustained a knee injury in graduate school.  Lack of exercise coupled with poor eating habits led to a severe weight gain, a constant rash on my arms, a cyst in my spleen, major insomnia, chronic IBS and so on.

At 5’3″  and 44 years old and almost 200 pounds, I have to change now before the next phase of my life begins: graduate school again for a doctorate.  I was active my whole life until 2008.  I look forward to being active again, but exhaustion and excessive weight have made it difficult.

This week I’m taking my first step and doing a “preboot” with Joe Cross of “fat, sick and nearly dead” and his webiste “”.  I plan to start nothing but juice after a week of “preboot” and will be working with my doctor to monitor my health during the reboot.

I’ve never really liked fruits and vegetables, but lately my body has been craving them, so hopefully I’ll enjoy juicing.  I’ve got support and a serious drive to succeed, so here goes!


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