killer cravings! Day one, oh my!

Today is day one of the reboot. I’m not hungry at all, but I’m having cravings to beat the bandwagon!

Seriously, right now all I want is a french fry! I’ve had a week of reducing processed foods, cut out caffeine and the like. My body is very content and functioning better than it has for months, maybe even years, but my mind is telling me I need some freaking french fries!

Eating habits are very hard to change, but I’ve slowly been making very good choices despite the difficulty. Why all the sudden are the cravings kicking in? I have gauged it is a mental thing; we want what we can’t have. When I decided to transition to nothing but juices, I knew I’d have to give up french fries, cookies, etc…. To cope with these intense cravings (seriously, I’d kill for some fries, ok not literally), I’m going to have to keep my mind occupied with the positive things I want to accomplish, engage my creative side (my side business of fiber artist) and do some apartment cleaning. I’m reminding myself consistently that I’m doing this to be healthier and ultimately happier with the ability to live my dreams.

I’ve got a post-it note on my computer with my goals. Some may seem funny, but they’re very important to me
Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 4.31.56 PM

Since it’s day one, I went ahead and weighed myself.
180 pounds (same as last week, though I did lose 4 pounds and it all seems to have come back this morning)

Slept amazing last night with no sleeping pill. That’s several days this week that I didn’t need one.

Aside from cravings, I feel great! Still pain in my spleen and gallbladder area and hoping that gets better soon.


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