day 2….. dinner time is the roughest part of the day!

​It’s after 6pm and this is the weakest time of the day for me. My body and mind scream at me telling it’s time to each some dinner! I can go the entire day without feeling the need to eat, but dinner time is the worst! I’d go outside for a walk, but it’s storming. I’ve already cleaned a lot today and dyed up 2.5 pounds of wool for my side business. Maybe I should save the cleaning for this time of night, to help keep my mind off food!

No morning smoothies as I’ve made the transition to complete juicing, but I think I might have to add a smoothie in in the evening to combat this hunger feeling. I don’t know.

I had a huge amount of energy last night so I had to take a sleeping pill to get some rest, but did indeed sleep well. Today’s activities were great, but energy fluctuated.

My morning’s motivation was brought to me by one of my favorite songs: Whole world is watching by Within Temptation. It is a song about overcoming obstacles and how the world (people) will cheer you on and want you to be successful. Check out their inspirational video

Today’s juices (so far)

Dracula’s dream (this stuff was great!)
beets, strawberries, kale and carrots.

Joe’s Mean Green (I really do like this one)

Honey I juiced the greens (no kale in it this time)
Yeah, that makes it just a fruit juice which means I’ll be pining off the walls soon!

I’m pretty much out of produce which means a trip to the store is in my near future. Not looking forward to the money I’ll have to spend. Healthy is expensive!


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