taking a break

It’s been the crazy time in the semester for me so I’m strategizing a time to start my reboot.  I’ve got a week to get a few important visits done and then I’ll have lots of time to focus on me.  I’m not going to look at my last reboot attempt as a failure because I learned so much from it: 1) just changing a little helped me a lot, 2) soda has no hold over me anymore, 3) eating unhealthy really does make me feel worse, and 4) I’m think about food all the time when I can’t have it.

All of these lessons learned will help me prepare and successfully make it through the next try.  Unfortunately my budget is very limited, as is my time (since I missed the last window) so my goal will be a 15 day, ending before June.  If it goes very well, I might be able to carryon a modified version.


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