day 2 and feeling so good!

I restarted my reboot yesterday but didn’t want to post and jinx it.  I have had zero food cravings, in fact, I’ve had no cravings for anything whether food or not!

Out of curiosity, I weighed myself this morning and dropped 3 pounds, which is most certainly water weight because I was constantly in the bathroom.  That is definitely the worst part about juicing, the constant need to urinate!

I’ll not weigh myself again until Saturday as I just don’t believe in stepping on the scale everyday.  Don’t know how long I’ll juice as I’m just listening to my body and will stop when I need to.

New juice that was excellent (forgot the name):

1 red bell pepper
1 orange
2 carrots
1/2 lemon

Honestly, right now I’m just hoping this goes smoothly. I feel a lot more mentally prepared after my previous attempt and all I learned from it. Additionally, I’m off work right now so I don’t have to deal with any of the work related stress and duties. I can totally devote myself to juicing and focusing on regaining health. I just pray the next couple of days don’t bring unbelievable cravings like I’ve previously experienced. Still completely off sodas since the last reboot attempt. I really don’t miss them either, which is quite surprising. I have had a few glasses of tea over the last few weeks, but no regular caffeine/sugar drinks. To me, giving up soda was the biggest victory I could have had.

Weight 176

Peace, love and juice 🙂


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