day 3

I was doing very well resisting all forms of food, until I smelled my neighbor’s cooking!  No, I didn’t give in, but the smell actually brought to mind the first thoughts of eating food.  I’m determined to get through day 3 unscathed, so all is indeed well.

I’m still having headaches, but in all honesty, I’ve been having a lot of headaches even before I started fasting.  Right now, I just really want to go to the bathroom.  I foresee prune juice in my near future!

For the sake of being specific, I’m doing a modified reboot because I am having my morning smoothie for the time being.  I find it really helps me get through the day, though I might be dropping the smoothie by the weekend if all else goes well.

Still don’t want to be around people right now.  I’m perfectly content to have my Netflix, books and spinning wheel to keep me occupied.

My tummy is already getting smaller after a few days!  I’m committed to walking at least a mile a day as this reboot is about establishing healthy habits I once had (well, except the fruits and veggies which were never really part of my life).


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