day 4……… an ode to the best fries in the world!

Well, I made it through day 3 unscathed.  Last night I was craving fries so badly I thought I would explode! No cravings first two days, and then bam, full on french fry cravings!  I’ve not craved anything else.

When I was young, I lived in the Netherlands while my dad was stationed there.  Some of my happiest child-hood memories come from that time: bike rides (biking where it’s actually safe), playing at the park (coolest parks in the world) and eating frites with fritessaus.  The Dutch people love their fries and serve them most commonly with a mayonnaise sauce.  I loved it when we went to the frituur to get our tasty (and I mean the best in the world) fries!  It really was one of the happiest memories from that time in my life before my parents got divorced.

fries from the frituur

Fries from the frituur courtesy of wikipedia (“Frituur fries frikandel mayo curry ketchup (cropped)” by Jon Åslund, cropped by User:Oreo Priest – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Now fries are not the only thing I got from that pivotal time in my life, I also developed a huge love of bike-riding and being active.  I used to ride my bike to work, ride for fun and ride to escape.  Well, I did those things until I hurt my knee in 2008, which was also the time I started to put on weight and lose that tenacity for being active.

People say you should not look back and keep your eyes on the future, but I say we must go back to reflect and learn.  Looking back I know my love of fries stems from emotional times, both happy and sad. I also know eating some beautiful, tasty fries right now won’t bring back any of those times.  Looking back I see what I was, both good and bad, and what I can become again: healthy!

OK, now that the little reflection is done, let’s talk about how I feel today: stinky!  I guess stinky is not a feeling, but it is definitely a reality.  I stink!  Body odor is horrific!  Breath is horrific!  I said days ago I didn’t want to be around people, well part of that is because I stink so bad!  Of course, another part is that I don’t want to smack someone for talking stupid.  Another thing is I have had no bowel movements!  This is actually how my normal life goes with chronic IBS, but last time I did the preboot, I was going everyday!

I’m still having a hard time drinking 6 juices a day.  I have my smoothie in the morning which keeps me full for hours, then juice the remainder of the day.  I’m not excessively hungry, so I’m just not drinking a lot of juice.  In fact, I’m tried of drinking anything!  I’ve lived in a constant state of dehydration because I don’t like drinking a lot.  That is true now as well.  I really am just tired of the act of drinking.  Guess I better get over that because I’m definitely detoxing given the smells coming from my body!

I also don’t feel like doing anything!  I’ve been walking each day, but I have to force myself to do it.  I don’t want to go anywhere, or be around anyone.  Haven’t even been online that much.  I just want to stay in bed and sleep.

Juices today:

Joe’s mean green
Dracula’s dream
the bell pepper one (I need to find the name)


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