day 5…….. time to transition to some food

I feel great!  I’m having my smoothie in the morning, juice throughout the day, and reboot healthy meals at night.  Today marks my first trip to the grocery store that ever had NO processed foods!  There is also a natural grocery store close and they have hard to find things that I’ve seen in a lot of the reboot recipes.

Started off my morning with a 3 mile round trip trek to the farmer’s market to pick up some goods, worked in the house all day long and now time to enjoy a healthy meal.

I’ve found the name of the juice I love: Sunburst!  It really is just deliciousness in a cup.

This morning’s weight: 176

I’m still finding it difficult to drink enough water.  Even though I still have not had any soda at all, I just find I’m not terribly thirsty.

Tonight’s dinner:
also having some fish because I need protein!

I really think the 3 day cleanse is great and will probably do it again in August.  I’ll keep blogging about rebooting with juice and food.


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