killer cravings! Day one, oh my!

Today is day one of the reboot. I’m not hungry at all, but I’m having cravings to beat the bandwagon!

Seriously, right now all I want is a french fry! I’ve had a week of reducing processed foods, cut out caffeine and the like. My body is very content and functioning better than it has for months, maybe even years, but my mind is telling me I need some freaking french fries!

Eating habits are very hard to change, but I’ve slowly been making very good choices despite the difficulty. Why all the sudden are the cravings kicking in? I have gauged it is a mental thing; we want what we can’t have. When I decided to transition to nothing but juices, I knew I’d have to give up french fries, cookies, etc…. To cope with these intense cravings (seriously, I’d kill for some fries, ok not literally), I’m going to have to keep my mind occupied with the positive things I want to accomplish, engage my creative side (my side business of fiber artist) and do some apartment cleaning. I’m reminding myself consistently that I’m doing this to be healthier and ultimately happier with the ability to live my dreams.

I’ve got a post-it note on my computer with my goals. Some may seem funny, but they’re very important to me
Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 4.31.56 PM

Since it’s day one, I went ahead and weighed myself.
180 pounds (same as last week, though I did lose 4 pounds and it all seems to have come back this morning)

Slept amazing last night with no sleeping pill. That’s several days this week that I didn’t need one.

Aside from cravings, I feel great! Still pain in my spleen and gallbladder area and hoping that gets better soon.


SODA is gone!!!! and All is normal

Withdrawal headaches are gone (now if the allergies would get better) and I’ve not been tempted to drink any soda! This is huge for me (see earlier blog post)!

Got my blood work back today and all is normal. The upcoming reboot will be aimed at digestive health and hopefully some weight loss. Another good note, I really like coconut water.

This morning’s smoothie recipe:
1 banana
1 cup pineapple (cubed and frozen)
1 cup mango (cubed and frozen)
1/2 yogurt (vanilla and generic)
1 cup coconut water
1/4 almonds

Mixed all together and mixed using nutribullet

That smoothie was incredible! I used that for my breakfast and mid-morning snack.

today’s juice (my favorite so far! Seriously, I could drink this stuff everyday!)

13 purple kale (these had smaller leaves than regular kale)
4 celery
2 gala apples (made the juice a little too sweet)
1 inch ginger
1 cucumber
1.5 cup cantaloupe
1 lemon

weak, weak I say!

First moment of weakness came yesterday. It started harmlessly enough, like most moments do. I had some mean green in the mid-morning and lunch time came and I said “I’ll have some leftovers so they don’t go to waste.” Those leftovers came in the form of the best pizza on the planet (Mellow Mushroom)! It was only a small serving, was delicious, and started the brain thinking it needed more junk! The next few hours after pizza consumption were filled with desires to have any type of solid food I could find. Finally caved in for dinner and had some eggs fried in olive oil followed by dessert: thin mint girl scout cookies. Let me tell you, those cookies are leaving my house today because I am not strong enough to resist their alluring flavor! Not only was I craving badly, I texted my daughter asking her if we had any banana bread. She brought home these tiny loaves the other day from a fundraising event at the mall. It was honestly the best tasting banana bread of my life!

Now, you’re probably wondering how I feel today after consuming that much solid food yesterday in the form of junk? Yes, I feel like crap! Not guilty because I understand moments of weakness are part of the package and I refuse to let my feelings turn against me. I feel like crap because my insides are turning themselves out.

Today was the first day I used my new juicer and initiated it with:
6 kale leave, 2 cups cantaloupe, 1 lemon, 1 cucumber, 1/2 carrot, 4 celery stalks

Now I need to get myself the the store for some more pineapple, strawberries and kale.

Hopefully Monday-Wednesday will go a lot better with the right kinds of solid food as I’m supposed to go 100% juicing on Thursday!

withdrawal sucks!

I’m a soda addict!  It really is the one thing in my life I’ve been addicted to; no smoking, no drugs, etc… soda!  During the preboot phase, I decided to tackle the beast head on and just kill it, caffeine that is.  The result is, of course, the much dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache.  I’m extremely determined to be successful, so I’m powering through the pain and keeping my hopes up as I know the headaches don’t last more than a few days.

I’ve been incorporating juicing during the day (1-2) and having a dinner at night, though it’s not been a healthy dinner.  Just integrating the juices has already helped my bowel movements which is a huge thing as I have chronic IBS with constipation and I never, I repeat NEVER, go to the bathroom everyday.  TMI, I know 🙂

I’ve had some exhaustion, but nothing worse that what I’ve been having with my pre-preboot life, and I’ve had some bouts of energy already at this early stage.  I’ve decided to weight myself once a week, as I really am not worried about the scale because weight loss is not my primary goal.  I’ll put some statistics at the bottom of future posts for easy tracking.

If all goes well, I’ll start the reboot (juice only) phase on Thursday next week.

Weight 180 lbs. Saturdays will be the weigh-in days.

Great juice (modified Joe’s mean green):
1/2 lime, 1 cucumber, 1 green apple, 1 gala apple, 4 ribs celery, 8 kale leaves, 1 and 1/3 cup cantaloupe

Another one I loved is quick quencher pineapple:

No impulse decisions….. aka don’t jump into things and do the PREBOOT

I’ve never been a crash dieter, or even any type of dieter, as I was always thin in my younger years.  I never jump on the latest trends for food, clothes, technology or life!  You’re looking at someone who keeps clothes as long as they fit and eat foods I like, not just because they’re trendy.  One problem I’ve always struggled with is impulse decisions.  Though I have to use a lot of logic in my profession and a scientist and teacher, the aspects of my general life have always been subjected to impulses and emotions.

When I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I immediately wanted to purchase a juicer, go get a shit-ton of produce and start to drink away my troubles.  Well, the last year I’ve got through some pretty severe financial troubles which forced me to avoid impulse shopping, eating, etc…. because I was plain old poor!  I’m really thankful for that hardship because it enabled me to really research and think about how I was going to start this REBOOT and attempt to get my health back.

Today, I took the produce I bought and went to a friend’s house who has a juicer.  I was able to make the juices i planned, enough for a few days, and we had a good time doing it.  Thank goodness I didn’t spend money I didn’t have on a juicer yet.  Now I’ve got the juices I’m integrating into my life while transitioning off the foods I’m dependent on.

Honestly, had I not exercised the logical part of my brain, I probably would have jumped right in with no food and straight juice, which just isn’t right for me.  In addition, I would have endured terrible withdraw symptoms.  Hopefully it will turn out to be the right decision, though I’m really not looking forward to giving up my soda habit.  It’s my one addiction and comfort concoction.

preboot to juice up

First blog and first time juicing!

My health has slowly been declining since 2008 when I sustained a knee injury in graduate school.  Lack of exercise coupled with poor eating habits led to a severe weight gain, a constant rash on my arms, a cyst in my spleen, major insomnia, chronic IBS and so on.

At 5’3″  and 44 years old and almost 200 pounds, I have to change now before the next phase of my life begins: graduate school again for a doctorate.  I was active my whole life until 2008.  I look forward to being active again, but exhaustion and excessive weight have made it difficult.

This week I’m taking my first step and doing a “preboot” with Joe Cross of “fat, sick and nearly dead” and his webiste “”.  I plan to start nothing but juice after a week of “preboot” and will be working with my doctor to monitor my health during the reboot.

I’ve never really liked fruits and vegetables, but lately my body has been craving them, so hopefully I’ll enjoy juicing.  I’ve got support and a serious drive to succeed, so here goes!